About S Young Networks Ltd

With more than 40 years of industry experience (including 5 years working on the Openreach network), we specialise in MDU installations for Gigabit broadband throughout the country. From planning and design to testing and commissioning, we take pride in covering all your needs, whether you’re running a small office or a large-scale call and data centre. Through our partners, we can also supply IP phone systems, leased copper and fibre lines, and IT support. Get in touch today to discuss your commercial networking needs.

Our team

Learn more about the superstars who make our business tick! 

Scott Young


Scott is the owner of a business with over 16 years of experience in Telecoms. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the business and collaborates closely with our engineers and customers.


Scott has a genuine passion for telecoms and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. In his precious free time, he spends it with his son, who takes the opportunity to educate him on the correct names and pronunciations of his favorite dinosaurs.

Chris Beardwood

Head of Growth

Chris spearheads our business evolution. He identifies opportunities, fosters innovation, and drives efficiency initiatives. Collaborating across teams, he oversees organisational changes, manages risk, and ensures adaptability. 


Chris is also a giant Star Wars nerd spending the majority of his free time watching, reading and listening to all things Star Wars ... just don't get him started on the sequels!


Jamie Anderson

Cable Engineer

Jamie enlisted in the Royal Navy at the age of 19, dedicating six years to the logistics department. Unsettled by mundane work, Jamie recently transitioned to the telecoms industry, embracing the challenges of a new career path.

For unwinding after a day's hard work, Jamie finds solace in playing horror games – a chilling choice for relaxation! Beyond that, he enjoys golf and cherishes moments spent with his wife and three children.

Brandon Golledge

Cable Engineer

Brandon transitioned to Network Infrastructure Build in March 2024, bringing with him a background in FTTP installation. Playing Rugby was once a significant part of his life touring across the UK with his team and although he has hung up his boots he still follows the Scotland National Team and gets his workout screaming at the TV for almost an hour and a half. Outside of work he’s a proud anime nerd enjoying both modern and classic anime styles. His passion for anime is so profound that he has adorned his back with a striking Dragonball tattoo showcasing his love for the genre.


When he's not lost in the world of anime, Brandon can often be found immersed in gaming. He relishes the challenge of the Soulsborne genre, finding joy in conquering difficult content and mastering intricate game mechanics.


And yes, Brandon is also a BMW driver—how you interpret that is entirely up to you! 😂

Umar Khalid

Cable Engineer

Meet Umar, one of the dynamic individuals that make up our team!

Umar brings a wealth of experience to our crew, having spent six years in finance before diving into the world of domestic gas installation and repair. He made the jump to telecommunications in March 2021 and hasn’t looked back!

Beyond work, Umar's passion lies in all things automotive. A natural tinkerer he enjoys rebuilding engines and working on the mechanical side of vehicles figuring out the intricacies of how they work and lends his skills to family and friends alike. When not working on cars Umar also enjoys mobile gaming playing – shock horror – Racing Games as well as the odd Call of Duty game.


With his eagerness to tackle new challenges and his commitment to growth, Umar is a valuable member of our team.


We are always looking to add talent to our team! 

Unlock your potential by joining S Young Networks and let's make great things happen together!

Fully Qualified Staff

All of our staff at S Young Networks Ltd are fully qualified to the highest standard in the industry. We have the knowledge and experience to provide all kinds of solutions. Trained by the country’s best-known FTTx trainers, our team currently hold the following:

Fully Qualified Staff

  • SA020

  • SA001

  • SA002

  • SA007

  • SA008

  • K8

  • MT003

  • N26

  • N23

  • CSCS

  • NWSRA Streetworks

  • NOPs


  • First Aid

Our team are ideally placed to cover up to 500 THP weekly, from survey and planning straight through to build, test, and commissioning.

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