External Network Build

throughout the UK

If you’re planning an MDU (multi-dwelling units) fibre broadband installation for your business, look no further than our skilled and professional telecom installers. As a leading name in the industry, S Young Networks Ltd made its name in the gigabyte fibre sector. Now, we believe we provide the best full-360 installation services in the UK, from wayleaves and planning through to commissioning and final testing. Get in touch today to find out more.

Trusted Installers

At S Young Networks Ltd, we take pride in our reputation and our tight-knit family are dedicated to making waves in the telecoms industry. We want people to know that when they see our name, they can rest assured that their installation is being completed by true professionals who are passionate about their work.

Full 360 Installation Services

Our telecom installers tailor all MDU fibre broadband installations to your business needs.